Guests With Additional Needs:


Ride Access Pass:


We recognise that for some guests, accessing a ride via queues can be challenging, due to social interaction issues.

For guests who are unable to enter a ride in the usual queues, we offer passes which allow access to a ride via an alternative route.

(Please note this facility may not be available on all rides).


What is a Ride Access Pass?


This pass is intended to provide a reduced waiting time for the rides compared to the standard queue.

(However, on quiet days this is not necessary as standard queues offer speedy, trouble free access.)


Who is eligible?


Ride Access Passes are reserved for guests who do not understand the concept of queuing; have difficulties with everyday social interaction; have a limited capacity to follow instruction or to understand others emotional feelings or expressions. Therefore, becoming agitated or distressed if they had to queue for a ride for an extended period of time.


Accepted Forms of Proof:


A Ride Access Pass can be issued to those who provide documentary proof of disability.


Examples of Documentation are:

- GP letter

-Association Membership Card

Please note out staff are not medically trained so unless there is a disability stated we are unable to know what services are required. Guests without suitable documentation will not be issued with a pass.


Where do I get this?


Go to Information Desk at the entrance of Barrys and they will provide you with further information. 


Wheelchair users are not eligible for a Ride Access Pass as rides already feature wheel chair access.