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Gerry McDaid 12/03/2015 09:37

I can't wait for Barry's to open again as the rides are superb. The staff are also very kind and always willing to help. Top Class!
Brad Connor 26/02/2015 14:00

Barry's is amazingggg me and my friend Diego absolutely loved it and we are definitely going back this summer the rides were so epic and Diego said it was the best day of his life! See you soon Barry's
jodie McKee 10/02/2015 09:03

Barrys is the best amusement park I've ever been to I give it a 10 out of 10 I hope to get a job there when I'm 14 I'm only 12 at the minute I'll be 13 in April 22nd if barrys would like to take me in when I'm 13 I'm really up for it I looked at the job application form on the site and im going to my school open evening I've been going for the last 2 years to it I'll have a name badge I've won lots of awards including one at the open evening last year it is called the best communication child of 2014 so as you can see I was good with communication with the parents and the p7 children coming into my school in that late September so hope you could let me join barrys staff in 2015 I'll be at barrys in April with my family enjoying barrys once again p.s. to the owners of barrys would really hope you could let me join barrys staff in 2015 looking forward to seeing barrys in 2015 I've got a barrys t-shirt so happy New year to all you staff at barrys just text back on your site to reply to my question if I can join your staff for 1 week and 3 days in 2015 and any future years for a week and I'll let you all know of any changes to my preferred working dates and times every year thanks see you all in 2015
yerma2222 10/02/2015 09:02

luved de ridez and de peeple at brrys

wll defo b bc agin fr mor lafs

cldhd memos b da bst!!!!!!
CaraiosaToal 10/02/2015 09:01

I looovvvveeeeddddd experience , the way it flip you upside down while spinning around !!!!!!!!!!!!!
A icarly 28/10/2014 14:44

I love all the rides at Barry's especially the mini dodgers
samy dude 15/09/2014 08:24

Barry's ghost train is cool because it says no turning back in it I love barrys!!!!!!:)
Mark Watters and Family. 15/09/2014 08:24

Barry's feels like a second home since I first walked through the large doors in 1979. Now my children have been going to Barry's every summer for the pasted 14 years. Colum who looks after the Round about and the Cyclone is a real gent in fact he is known as Mr Barry's in our family. A summer just wouldn't be summer with-out a visit to Barry's it's the best.
Aisling n Donegal, 25/26th August 2014 05/09/2014 14:13

Oh my gosh, my 14 yr old son n his friend had such a blast (in Barry's). He now wants to go back, asap, with his much older cousins n friends, just for the amazing rides, pity they are so short for the price, but he had such fun regardless. Thank you Barry's.
Toni 04/09/2014 09:03

I love the jumping astro Barry's is the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maddy 04/09/2014 09:03

I love the experience , Big Dipper , the freak out ❤️
meganrocks 04/09/2014 09:03

I went to barry's this summer twice!!! I enjoyed the cyclone ride it is now my favourite! I went on the ghost train and seen the ghosts! at the end of the ride I bought a keyring with my picture!! thank you barrys!!!! B-)
lewis 03/09/2014 09:57

I love the Ghost train!!!!:)
Bell family 30/08/2014 21:54

Back again this year! Our kids love it. So much nostalgia for the oldies!! Well done Barry's - for keeping families entertained again. Hope to be back next year.
sarah jane davis 28/08/2014 17:33

i have always loved barrys and now im 18 and i will continue to go back untill i am too old , barrys has a special place in my heart as i spent many times as a child going on the rides
AnnDevine 24/08/2014 11:12

very good went yesterday and going back today again to get a baby olga the kids had so much fun.
Alisha And Holly 11/08/2014 21:25

My friend and i r going tomrorrow we r so excited and have everything planned ! We r traveling a long way and r glad most of it is inside because it is due to rain tomorrow :D We have both only been ONE time !
DogLover 11/08/2014 21:25

Barrys is awesome might be going there again for my birthday.
Love the cyclone goes sooo fast love it.
Barrys is epic!! :P Wooooo :D.
Grainne 01/08/2014 20:06

its really fun I really enjoyed the freak out the experience and barrys big dipper
Emily balmer 26/07/2014 15:24

OMG!!!!Barrys is AMAZING!!!!!:)


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