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Jason Dunlop 06/06/2015 22:15

Im taking my little niece to Barrys on saturday, to celebrate her birthday.
Im almost as excited as she is..... ;-)
Declan McBubble 03/06/2015 16:20

i am going with a group on 19th june. I can not wait soo soo excited
Gordon 03/06/2015 16:20

i will be at BARRYS again in July i love all the rides and ride ops i have been every year for the last 20 years
kulkidzz 10/05/2015 10:58

abs luved it! bst tyme of me lyf. ghost train scared the shannegins outta me and my fweinds. I cried when I hadda go home :(
XxXsCeNeGiRlFoRlIfEXxX 10/05/2015 10:58

I luv Barry's it's so cool there is a lot of ridez that I like like the Big Dipper and the ghost train it's super cool and I think that being scene in 2015 is hard because a lot of people judge you and say you are stupid but rlly u r just misunderstood and so what if we dress weird and like blood on the dance floor but all the ppl at Barry's are super cool and don't care about the way you look and that means you can feel normal.

ANYWAYZZZ XD I just wanted to also say that the new extreme bikez thing is super cool u go upside down and I really enjoy it. And I also love the experience Becuse it's fun to be spun around with someone by your side.

SOOOO that's the last thing I wanted to say. Well done Barry's! I will recommend this place to all my fellow scene girls/boys and botdf lovers
Rambo123 12/04/2015 15:19

Barry's is da bestest place evr.
Peter Lowry 11/04/2015 15:51

We visit the North coast all the way from France and have visited the biggest parks in the world but for some reason the kids love Barry's more than most places!! The Only disappointment with Barry's is its seems closed thru the winter months....Shame. Really is a very fun place to go for a few hours.
Sammie-Leigh 11/04/2015 15:51

I am going today but I don't know when but we are going today woopee XD
Darren Balmer 07/04/2015 14:44

Absolutely freakin loved it!! Amazing!! :D
Northernirelandchick 07/04/2015 14:44

Went here with the boyfriend a few days ago & it's safe to say we luv Barry's! I've been here many times b4 & so has the BF but every time we go back its a new adventure!!!!!!!

Luv the astro bounce its gr8 & worth the money & the Barry's Big Dipper is class and I really luv the ghost train its so scary & it's an excuse to grab on tight to my BF ;)
Hannah 07/04/2015 14:43

It is sooooooo much fun
The rides are like some of the ones in Disney land only without all the one hour long clues😜
Gerry McDaid 12/03/2015 09:37

I can't wait for Barry's to open again as the rides are superb. The staff are also very kind and always willing to help. Top Class!
Brad Connor 26/02/2015 14:00

Barry's is amazingggg me and my friend Diego absolutely loved it and we are definitely going back this summer the rides were so epic and Diego said it was the best day of his life! See you soon Barry's
jodie McKee 10/02/2015 09:03

Barrys is the best amusement park I've ever been to I give it a 10 out of 10 I hope to get a job there when I'm 14 I'm only 12 at the minute I'll be 13 in April 22nd if barrys would like to take me in when I'm 13 I'm really up for it I looked at the job application form on the site and im going to my school open evening I've been going for the last 2 years to it I'll have a name badge I've won lots of awards including one at the open evening last year it is called the best communication child of 2014 so as you can see I was good with communication with the parents and the p7 children coming into my school in that late September so hope you could let me join barrys staff in 2015 I'll be at barrys in April with my family enjoying barrys once again p.s. to the owners of barrys would really hope you could let me join barrys staff in 2015 looking forward to seeing barrys in 2015 I've got a barrys t-shirt so happy New year to all you staff at barrys just text back on your site to reply to my question if I can join your staff for 1 week and 3 days in 2015 and any future years for a week and I'll let you all know of any changes to my preferred working dates and times every year thanks see you all in 2015
yerma2222 10/02/2015 09:02

luved de ridez and de peeple at brrys

wll defo b bc agin fr mor lafs

cldhd memos b da bst!!!!!!
CaraiosaToal 10/02/2015 09:01

I looovvvveeeeddddd experience , the way it flip you upside down while spinning around !!!!!!!!!!!!!
A icarly 28/10/2014 14:44

I love all the rides at Barry's especially the mini dodgers
samy dude 15/09/2014 08:24

Barry's ghost train is cool because it says no turning back in it I love barrys!!!!!!:)
Mark Watters and Family. 15/09/2014 08:24

Barry's feels like a second home since I first walked through the large doors in 1979. Now my children have been going to Barry's every summer for the pasted 14 years. Colum who looks after the Round about and the Cyclone is a real gent in fact he is known as Mr Barry's in our family. A summer just wouldn't be summer with-out a visit to Barry's it's the best.
Aisling n Donegal, 25/26th August 2014 05/09/2014 14:13

Oh my gosh, my 14 yr old son n his friend had such a blast (in Barry's). He now wants to go back, asap, with his much older cousins n friends, just for the amazing rides, pity they are so short for the price, but he had such fun regardless. Thank you Barry's.


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