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james 12/04/2014 20:25

Was there when I was very young so didn't do any of the big rides but now I'm hoping to go to Barrys soon and do all of the rides
peterpan 24/03/2014 14:34

my first time in barrys was 1989 mum and dad brought me with brothers for summer holidays, im 32 now and 3 kids of my own this place hold so many childhood memorys for me, cant wait to easter untill i bring my own young family back for what i know will be a great day..
turtle splash wow 05/02/2014 10:03

i liked the turtle splash it was fun the ghost train was so scary but was fun thanks for the fun things to do even inside it was good the different types of games
rockstar megan crozier 10/12/2013 11:09

i like the cylone and the ghost train i nearly fianted thank you for laughing
good 10/12/2013 11:09

its good xxxxxx
Morgan dudley 10/12/2013 11:09

I went on the big dipper, freak-out,ghost train,helter skelter and jumping astro. all brilliant. PERFECT FOR THRILL SEEKERS
victoria 06/11/2013 09:04

barrys is goog fun
Emma Armstrong 24/10/2013 08:51

Barrys is cool my favourite ride is Ghost train and the van
jack mcdonald 24/10/2013 08:51

I love barrys
liana 23/09/2013 09:19

thank you christina, lisa and colm for another wonderful season! it was my first time on the jumpin astro, big dipper and experience! and i see the ghost train has changed! i went on it and it was HORRIFYING! anyway thats all i had to say and thank you! see ya next year!
noah 23/09/2013 09:19

thx for a great year. wish you stayed open for halloween... then the ghost train would be even scarier.
Chris 11/09/2013 17:25

Thanks to all at Barrys Amusements for another wonderful season - its the most wonderful place in Northern Ireland where generations have been gathering for a fun day out. The smell, the noise, the atmosphere just brings me back to my youth every summer.
Looking forward to next season - see you all at Easter 2014 (DV).
Andrea 30/08/2013 15:39

I went to Barry's many years ago and now that I've come back, some stuff has changed. Certain parts of the ghost train have been changed. The freak out has more glitter on it. the caterpillar has changed into a mouse. doesnt make sense but its cool. went on the ghost train first and i over-reacted... (we went through the door and i almost burst my friends eardrum.) the caterpillar was next and it was scary inside the apple! freak out is fun cause you spin around. and the experience is cool and scary cause of all the lights and its next to the new ride that i love!
Lucas 30/08/2013 15:39

I love going on the Time Machine with my bro. We pretend to be scared when it tips up! Still great fun though. And to get us through the Ghost train we just laugh in their faces to stop us from screaming! But my brother couldn't help screaming at the first guy with blue hair. LOL!
Elena Ammerman 30/08/2013 15:39

Wow, I love this Park
Kim Armstrong 30/08/2013 15:38

Most amazing place ever!! First time on Big Dipper and loved every second of it such a friendly location too <3 x
Chelsea boy 24/08/2013 18:34

Was there 3 weeks ago with youth group and had a fab time. Coming back tomorrow
CORY/BRADLEY/STEVE 24/08/2013 18:34

I left a message about a day ago. (Cory.) and saying that me and my mates Bradley and Steve were going to Barry's. WE WENT! Got on the EXPERIENCE for the first time ever and it was awesome! But so scary when it tips you up! You get so high up and you feel like you will fall out but the restraints were nice and big. Thanks for a great day! ~ Cory, Bradley and Steve.
Brian... 22/08/2013 11:30

I loved my trip to Barry's last month! We went on the Cyclone, The Big Dipper and the Jumpin Astro. AMAZING!
Cory 22/08/2013 11:30

I'm going with my mates tomorrow. CANT WAIT! BRING ON THE EXPERIENCE!


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